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Real estate developments in Germany

T&Z Immobilien GmbH focuses the concept of its buildings on seniors and residents with special needs.

This barrier-free building ranks in high energy efficiency classification (at or above KfW 55 class, requiring approximately the equivalent of 4 lt of heating oil, per sq m, per year).

We have constructed 81 apartments to date, 27 in the area of Sennfeld (Schweinfurt) and 54 in the area of Küps, where our latest project, the third in Küps is  “Lessingstraße 5”, designed for 41 fully wheelchair-friendly apartments.

Every apartment is well suited for downsizing, for different abilities, for small or fresh families, or simply as an investment.

Support at home is available from closeby medical and rehabilitation facilities, and lifestyle stores easily accessible in the surrounding area. 

Current Developments